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First Contact Clinical – your social prescribing service


Our Purpose

At First Contact Clinical our common purpose is to enable healthy change in the people and places it is needed most. Our company works in South Tyneside and can be accessible to anyone over the age of 16. Social prescribing is: Flexible support on behalf of the surgery around what matters to you. We aim to encourage healthy behaviour change and for people to feel more in control of their own health and wellbeing. We offer longer appointments of up-to 30 mins. These can be clinic appointments in one of the rooms, phone appointment, visits in the community, walk-and-talks or home visits. We aim to conduct our appointments in a location and method that suits you. These appointments give you the time to discuss what matters to you. What matters to you can be aspects related to health, social, lifestyle – anything that if it were different, your well-being would be improved. We also connect people in with local groups and services within the community, where appropriate.


Our Values

We share a passion to enable healthy change, which means that you will see and experience behaviours that demonstrate our values lived out every day. Our values have remained the same since we began in 2008. We strive to deliver the highest quality service, outcomes and experience we can. It is in our DNA to enable people to improve their health and well-being.


West team

As a team we cover eight practices in and around the Jarrow and Hebburn area. We offer the range of appointment types to personalise the support to you. By improving health and well-being, we support people to develop their knowledge, skills, and confidence to become active and accountable in managing their own health. Social prescribing is a service that encourages people to reflect on and change their health-related behaviours to help them reach their goals.

Below is the West team:
































After an initial triage call, you will be assigned a work most appropriate for what matters to you.


Link Worker Coach


We support people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence to become active participants in their own health. We also guide and support people to reflect on and change their health-related behaviours to help them reach their personal goals. We can connect people into their communities through signposting to organisations that could support people to improve their health and well-being.


Psychosocial Link Worker

We work with people in the same way as a Link Worker Coach. However, our focus is more around mental health and we work with people with more barriers in the way of them achieving their health and well-being goals.


Care Coordinator


We work with people to help them co-ordinate their care. We aim for people to feel like their voice is heard, and help navigate through their care and support. This could be people who have multiple different services involved in their care. We hope people will feel like they have a say and understanding of their own care.



Health And Wellbeing Coach


Although we work with a wide range of people, we have a particular focus in aspects of health and well-being. This can be physical health, like losing weight or managing a long-term condition. This can also be mental health-related. Through coaching techniques, we work with people to help achieve their health and well-being goals.





If you think this support could be valuable to yourself, you can follow this link to our website, where you will find further information, along with a self-referral option: self-referral

You can also call us on 0191 432 9838 to enquire about the support, as well as leaving a voicemail for a worker to call you back on.

Also, you can mention ‘social prescribing’ to anyone within the practice, be it a doctor, nurse or receptionist, and they can generate a referral for yourself.